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Cathodic Protection International Companies - CPI Co. -

We are a group of companies based on more than 18 years of experience in Latin America of its founder and the sensitization of the true commitment and professionalism in Corrosion Engineering and Cathodic Protection to provide integral solutions and protection to the phenomena of corrosion. Recommending effective solutions that are both technical, economic and in harmony with the environment. .

Our Company

CPI Co. is a complete corrosion control companyi in all types of structures and in various environments or electrolytes such as earth, sand, mud, corrosive fluids, rivers and sea.

The highly qualified professional and technical personnel of CPI Co. certified by NACE International guarantees to our clients the optimal conditions for the correct development of the Projects in which investments are required to the assets and in corcondancia to the policies of safety and the environment.

Corporate Policies

Service Briefcase


  • Corrosion study.
  • Design and engineering of cathodic and anodic protection systems.
  • Current Injection Testing.
  • Courses and training in Corrosion and Catholic Protection.
  • Studies and analysis of interferences by telluric AC and DC.
  • Interference mitigation.
  • Maintenance of SPC Quarterly, Every 6 Months, Yearly.

Integrity Services

  • External Corrosion Rating Inspections ECDA.
  • Internal Corrosion Rating Inspections ICDA.
  • Inspections of Cathodic Protection Systems: CIS, PAP (ON-OFF).
  • Coatings Inspections: Holiday Detector, DCVG, PCM.
  • Center Line in ducts.
  • Risk-Based Studies, RBI.
  • Soil studies: Point resistivity, Continuous resistivity, pH, REDOX Potential, Sulphates, Carbonates.
  • Submetric GPS Survey.
  • Inspection of insulating joints.
  • Duct Integrity Software.

Assembly And Installations

CPI Co.realizes Assemblies and Installations of Cathodic Protection Systems under rigorous parameters of Quality Control, Norms of Safety, Occupational Health and Preservation of the Environment.

  • Cathodic Protection System Assemblies for Pipelines, Mineroducts, Aqueducts, Gas Pipelines, Water Storage Tanks or Hydrocarbons, Marine Platforms, Docks, Barges.
  • Anodic Protection System Assemblies for Sulfuric Acid Storage Tanks.
  • Installation and supply of Monitoring Units for Cathodic Protection.

Materials Supply

CPI Co. delivers all materials under International Quality Standards and Factory Certificates and according to the specified geometries and weights.

  • Backfill.
  • Reference electrodes.
  • Solid state polarization cells for protection against electric shock.
  • Siding and Rehabilitation Materials.
  • Conections boxes and test stations.
  • Cables.
  • Insulation Kits.
  • Equipment and accessories for internal corrosion monitoring.

Equipment Supplies

  • CIS Inspection Equipment, PAP (ON-OFF) with GPS.
  • AC / DC current switches synchronized via GPS.
  • Continuous multi-channel data logger.
  • Equipment for Inspection of insulation joints in flanges by Radiofrequency.
  • Cable and Pipe Locators.
  • Single-phase or three-phase grinding units by air or oil cooling and with NEMA 3R or NEMA 4X enclosures.
  • Remote Monitoring Units for Cathodic Protection Systems via radio, cellular or satellite signal. MOBILTEX DATA LTD.
  • Resistivity meters.
  • Radio Frequency Isolation Meters.


CPI Co. has a team of professionals and technicians with an ample level and trajectory in many countries of Latin America to provide confidence to our clients in the correct operation of the proposed objectives.


1 Inspection of the Cathodic Protection System by means of the CIS technique to the Pipelines of the system of provisioning, main duct, secondary branches and extensions of the company Olympic Peru Inc. Olympic Perú Inc. 2010
2 Design, supply, installation and start-up of Galvanic Current Cathodic Protection Systems for the conductive and jacket ducts of road crossings from PN-37 to PN-11 at Campo Colán of Olympic Peru Inc. Olympic Perú Inc. 2011
3 Design, supply, installation and commissioning of a printed circuit SPC for the gas well pipelines, manifold the house to Olympic station and Olympic station to kilometer 9. Wood Group Perú S.A.C. 2010
4 Diseño, suministro, instalación y puesta en marcha de un SPC por corriente impresa para los gasoductos de los pozos de gas, manifold la casita a estación Olympic y estación Olympic a kilòmetro 9. Olympic Perú Inc. 2011
5 Inspection of dielectric joints using radiofrequency technique and SPC at the Humay Pluspetrol Plant. Pluspetrol Perú Corporation S.A. 2010
6 TResistivity, Design and Detail Engineering of the Cathodic Protection System for the new variant of the Antamina pipeline within the mine enclosure, Km 0 + 000 to Km 8 + 000. Ausenco PSI 2010

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CPI Co. Maintains commercial relations with the following American and Canadian Companies. Its professionals are certified and active members of the NACE International Corrosion Professionals Organization.